Born without a heart? Or just born with a brain?

So I sometimes get stuck with a common comment from men it seems that I was born without a heart, see I have the emotional capacity when it comes to men of about zero. It’s not an intentional thing it’s just I am not a very romantic, lovey dovey, clingy kind of woman. I’m independent, I like to go out with my friends, spend time with my family, spend time with me, myself and I. In fact I have adopted this new idea that everything should be 33.33333% you no that long decimal point that happens when you divide 100 into three’s. 33.something for yourself, 33.something for your friends and family, and 33.something for your romantic partner or dating scene which ever group you are in. Now of course you’ll have a little extra left over cause it’s not quite 100 percent in which case you put that towards your job. Now I have asked many of my girlfriends about this equal amount and they couldn’t disagree more, most think that it should be less with your friends and family….more with your mate….and about 30 for you?

So I ask why more with your man/woman? I mean I love my man it’s great talking, laughing, going out, making love,confiding in each other, having that amazing connection.  But I definitely have more in common and a different type of fun with my friends so I say more time with them is what I need. I no what you are all  thinking that must mean  well than he isn’t the right one for me because you love spending time with your significant other and just can’t get enough of them. Well honestly I think you are full of shit, what I really think… that your to afraid to be away from your partner for more than a minute because “what if he/she finds someone else!” Every guy I have ever dated I have thought the same thing I’m only interested in giving you a third of my time. I just feel like to many people find a partner and drop their family, friends, and lose themselves in a relationship and everything is we this and we that like you don’t have a brain of your own, and you aren’t an individual anymore. To me that is the worst thing that could happen to me is to not think for myself or be an individual and let’s face it women out there…. YOU tend to be the ones who give up most of who you are to have a man.

Not having a heart to men means I’m unemotional/distant which translates to me that I’m not clingy enough because I AM an emotional being. See I think that men think the more they have you wrapped around they’re finger the more you love them or the less likely  you’ll find someone new. Since I split my time evenly that makes it appear as if I don’t care as much about them or will be more apt to move on. I blame most women for this for being those needy, clingy, overbearing, people who drop everyone at the first sign of a man’s affection or interest. I also blame men for expecting every woman to be at they’re beck and call and relating those horrible traits that I mentioned earlier as a sign of love and validation.  I’ve learned it takes a secure man to be with a woman who has her own world, most of my friends spend they’re time pissed off and alone at home because he made plans with her but then says “Be right back babe i gotta run an errand.” She wont see him til late that morning, he got caught up hanging out with his “boys.” This very story happens to my friends all the time which is exactly why I only share my world with my man I don’t allow him to consume it, if that means I lack a heart than I’m okay with just having my brain!

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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